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Corporations Law in Australia requires that businesses or companies maintain an updated Company Register. We at Ace Shelf Companies, provide the best company register reconstruction service in your area. In other cases, if you have lost the documents related to your register or company, our experts can prepare the lost documents and help you to reconstruct the company register.

Our team of professionals can reconstruct your company register with updated company information complying with the rules and regulations. We have years of experience in providing successful company register reconstruction services to our clients. Our service quality and professionalism have made us the best in the market. 

Services Included in Our Company Register Reconstruction Process

Company Register Reconstruction

As per the Corporations Act 2001, it is mandatory for a business or a company to set up and maintain a company register of officeholders, members, and addresses related to the company. All of this information needs to be up-to-date. 

At Ace Shelf Companies, we provide excellent company register reconstruction service. We update the information related to your company in the company register. In case any of the important company documents are lost, we can prepare a new one and update the same in the company register. Our experience in handling several clients helps us to provide the best service possible keeping in mind all the rules, regulations, and legalities. 

A company needs to report any changes to the company details in the company register. Our team at Ace Shelf Companies will help you to report all the changes in the company register. We reconstruct and maintain the company register in a way that it can act as a source of valid information about all the developments in the company. For example, if a director in a company has left the post or resigned, the signed minutes and lodged forms should be maintained in the company register. 

Our service includes members’ resolutions and directors’ resolutions as required, a company constitution (constitution is a set of rules by which any company or business is governed), and up-to-date information about the secretaries, members, and directors. The company register will also include copies of all the documents which are lodged with ASIC.

Reasons to Hire Us for Company Register Reconstruction Services

At Ace Shelf Companies, we have successfully served numerous clients over the years. We have a team of experts who are well-versed with the company register reconstruction process and can provide you with a stress-free service experience. We offer high quality services at a competitive rate. 

Once you book a service with us, our experts can provide you with an obligation-free and accurate quote for your reference. Our service processes are designed keeping in mind your particular needs and requirements.  So, if you need a company register reconstruction service, feel free to contact us today for a hassle-free experience.